I had no intention of shooting anything like this, but spotted this heron fishing in a local park and luckily decided to hang around.  These are my first, and so far only, photos of a heron catching its prey.

Taken back in August last year.

The New Forest

I have been intending to start a new blog here for a while now and finally put an hour aside to do so.  Rather than the first post being the latest photo taken, I’ve included a mini gallery showcasing my final images from my degree exhibition back in 2016.

This project was one with many idea changes throughout its development but one thing was always certain - the location.  I had previously studied in The New Forest, completing my BTEC ND at Brockenhurst College.  Yet despite studying there for two years, I never truly explored the forest as a whole and decided return.  It was a chance to learn more about the area, exploring parts of the forest than I had previously.

My initial idea was to focus on the management of the forest itself.  There is a great deal of work which goes keeping its natural appearance and my interest was mainly with the work going on.  However, after a few day trips and the first few shoots, this changed into much more of a pure landscape project looking at the forest itself and how the space is used by those living in and visiting the area.

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