A little look into what to expect on our shoot together.


Unless requested, I will happily organise the best spots in your booked location. If you have chosen a town/city - we will cover a few streets and landmarks. If you have booked a 2-hour slot, be prepared to explore as we could cover up to 1 mile in total walking (please let me know if this isn’t possible for you). We will cover a smaller area if you have chosen a countryside, park or beach shoot. If your location is inside/at your home, we will stick to this. If you’d like to request specific backgrounds and locations, please let me know at least 1 week before the shoot. Pinterest boards are more than welcome!


I strongly encourage you to wear what you love - jeans and T-shirt or an evening dress - it’s about what makes you feel good. You don’t need to spend £££ on a new outfit or be in co-ordination with your partner (unless you want too!). If you’re struggling for ideas, blacks, neutrals and denim are popular choices. If you have a 2 hr+ shoot booked there will be enough time for a wardrobe change if you’d like.

What To Bring

There is no expectation to bring anything on your shoot, but props are a great way to tell your story and give your hands something to do if you’re feeling nervous. Some popular examples are; polaroid cameras, flowers, books, bubbles, picnics, (not a prop but pets are always welcome!!) Please note, if we’re in a public space be prepared to look after your bags - I will also offer to hold your stuff if it doesn’t obstruct my photography!

Where Do We Meet?

A few days before your shoot I will send you a Google Map location point to meet at. It's important arrive promptly to your allotted time as I may not be able to extend our shoot past the original finishing time. If you are going to be late pop me a WhatsApp or DM. After introductions I will start with a quick run down of the shoot; this will include photo spots and cover any apprehension you may have (which is totally normal - being in front of a camera can be weird).

Do We Have To Pose?

The aim of our photography shoot is to capture your story. Whether you’re a couple or a family, I want you to interact with each other as you would on a day together. That could be conversing on a bench, walking down the street, laughing together, playing in the sea or enjoying a takeaway coffee. While I will not ask for 100s of stiff poses, I will guide and suggest movements and ways to interact based on your preferences. If you’d like some more posed photographs please let me know.

How Do You Work?

I work as simply as possible and in natural lighting. It will be me and the camera to keep the shoot easy and relaxed. I love to chat about your story while I’m shooting, so expect some conversation and laughs and I am always open to your thoughts and ideas! Due to the cinematic styling of my photography, where a lot of the magic is done in post-production, I do not show you the back of the camera.

Image Deliverables

After the shoot I will let you know when you can expect your images - this usually takes around 2 weeks. Your images will go into edit then post-production which involves selecting the best images, cinematic colouring, cropping and light retouching if requested. You will receive your online gallery and password through whichever method we have communicated on, providing all payments have been made. I do not give out RAW/unedited images unless agreed and paid for in advance.

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